“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
Ludwig van Beethoven

First Lesson

For beginning student(s) and transferring student(s) in preparation their first lesson. Learn More >>


Creating a Practice Space

Having an ideal routine practice space is invaluable. This page will provide links to help build a space at home designed for efficient practicing. Learn More>>


Sheet Music / Recordings

Many families in the early stages of violin development may find the vast world of options a lot to sift through when shopping for a music book or recording. This page will help ease the process of finding the one you’re looking for. Learn More>>


Violin Accessories

Everything you need to keep your violin and practice space well groomed. From humidifier, to rosin, shoulder rest, and strings and et cetera. Below are the links Miss Emily Violin Studio recommends. Learn More>>


Studio Library

Miss Emily Violin Studio maintains a library of books at the studio for the students and parents to check out. Learn More>>


Useful Links

The followings are links to competitions, links to videos, other recommended websites, and practice resources to name a few. Learn More>>