First Lesson

Beginning Students

Students who are entirely new to the instrument may use the following check list to prepare for their first lesson.

Items to bring to your first and every lesson at the studio.

A Fine Violin

By no measure are all violins created equal. When it comes to student violins, many sold are more like toys than instruments. Please retain the finest instrument available to the student in a 1/16th size, even if the violin shop suggests a bigger size. I recommend the following shops for procuring your first instrument:

New Strings

Ensure that the violin has been fitted with new strings as follows.

Transferring Students

If you are a transfer student accepted through the audition process, bring your violin set-up and all of the music you have used until this point. If the stack of music seems too much to carry, you may bring a complete list of previously studied works instead, along with the music for your most recent studies and repertoire.