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Violin Sonatas And Concertos

For Boroque and Classical works, where a performance tradition has developed beyond the original score, there may be available an urtext (original) edition from Barenreiter or Henle as well as a traditional edition preferably published by the International Music Company. It is ideal to have both on hand.


Listening to multiple interpretations of the same repertoire is an invaluable study in artistry. When considering record labels, Deutsche Grammophon has earned an excellent reputation.

Miss Emily Violin Studio draws on the whole of the violin repertoire to teach each musician in a way that is crafted uniquely for them. Many families in the early stages of violin development may find the vast world of options a lot to sift through when shopping for a music book or recording. To ease the process of finding the one you’re looking for, below are links to the most commonly assigned repertoire.

Suzuki Violin MP3 Recordings

Note: All of the Suzuki Repertoire is available on Spotify under “Suzuki Evergreens”



“Left Hand Development ” is not available online but can be made available at the studio.

Note Reading Resources

Note Reading Resources

When choosing a publisher, as a general guideline, International Music Company is a good way to go.