Studio Policies

To help maintain a healthy and productive environment the studio requires everyone to fully read the studio policies below.

All students are expected to maintain a routine of practicing and listening 6-7 days per week with the support of an at-home practice partner.

Studio families are encouraged to swap lessons where mutually beneficial and to alert fellow studio families of slots made vacant.

All students are scheduled to participate in weekly group lessons, private lessons, and studio recitals in accordance with the Miss Emily Violin Studio schedule.

Students are encouraged to attend an annual summer music program that best suits them.
If a Miss Emily Violin Studio teacher or assistant is absent for any reason, tuition will be refunded.
For private use only, videotaping private lessons is encouraged.
Phone conversations are not appropriate anywhere in the studio.
Lesson Times are contracted through Labor Day of the following year.
All incoming studio families sign liability, photo and video release forms.
Miss Emily Violin Studio does not offer make-up lessons, re-scheduled lessons, or tuition refunds for any student absence. Online lessons are available.
Occasionally, for weather or travel purposes, regular private lessons will be held online. When technical difficulties or the young age of a student prevent an effective online lesson, tuition will be refunded.
All studio families are encouraged to retain membership to the Suzuki Association of the Americas.
Tuition for the upcoming month is due the first week of that month. Overdue tuition may result in discontinuation of lessons.
Miss Emily Violin Studio asks that parents do not discuss their children with Miss Emily in front of any student, including their own child.
To support increasing opportunities for these young artists, there is an annual Special Events Fee due in December for all incoming studio families.
Former students of Miss Emily Violin Studio who wish to re-join the studio are encouraged to re-apply following a wait period of 6 months from their last enrollment date.
When the time comes to discontinue enrollment in any or all of a family’s lesson hours, studio families or Miss Emily Violin Studio may submit a formal electronic notice of the final date of those lessons. No tuition will be charged beyond that date.

The practice partner, usually a parent, silently takes notes during private lessons and participates fully in the learning process. As a student matures toward independence, the role of the parent shifts while remaining fully supportive in new ways.

Students are never to be dropped off without ensuring Miss Emily has seen them.
Families with severe allergies please be advised that Miss Emily Violin Studio is also home to pets.
Miss Emily Violin Studio is not responsible for child care.