Miss Emily Violin Studio Wait List

So far so good!

Once an application has been reviewed, accepted applicants will be placed on the Wait List. When a spot opens potential families will be notified of the availability and an interview will be scheduled. For students age 7 or older, prior violin study is required and an audition will be scheduled. The placement of the applicant will be considered upon the following.

  • Age, ability and characteristics
  • Schedule availability for lessons, listening and practice
  • Level of interest, commitment demonstrated

What should we do now?

While on the Wait List, applicants are highly encouraged to keep in touch, observe lessons, and attend studio recitals. It is also recommended that applicants pursue musical education in the best ways currently available to them. Spearheaded by Dr. Eric Rasmussen, Peabody offers fabulous general music classes for infants through 9 year old children. Typically between ages 4 and 5, a readiness to begin private violin lessons can be seen through focused interest, musical understanding, muscle development, and most of all an ability to establish a joyful daily practice routine with an at-home helper.

How to find a great studio

Applicants eager to begin violin lessons immediately are encouraged to do so, seeking a studio with high expectations and a nurturing environment. For students under the age of 6, it is recommended to seek lessons with someone who works wonderfully with this age group. To investigate studios that may be ideal for the applicant it is advisable to:

  • Attend studio recitals
  • Observe lessons
  • Talk with studio parents